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14th-Nov-2005 06:57 pm - Laaaaaaaaazy

So here is the long awaited (can you feel the sarcasm?)  part of the doujinshi I was suppose to have done like a month ago...-_-;;

cherden, Could you please check this over and tell me what you think? Everyone else, sujestions</span> are welcome.

Blame your F8teCollapse )

Note: This is in the rough stage, which is why it looks so, well, crappy.


~Niffe ^_^

29th-Oct-2005 12:18 pm - Whee!!1
It's me again from tales_of_tales! I have been working on my comics, but I've never actually drawn them seriously before and I'm finding the process unreasonably difficult. I'll have to post my results soon.

*ahem* Anyway! I was just ironing things out for the fanfiction contest I mentioned here before! Because I was thinking - you also mentioned in the creation of this doujinshi that we should publish fanfiction in with it as well. I was thinking - maybe - we could publish the works of the runner-ups in regular text format as the first prize gets to be comic-ized. This might be asking too much of you - but I just thought of it as a good idea, as it would help us take up space. ^_^;;

Look! ACTUAL PROGRESS!!Collapse )
2nd-Oct-2005 05:04 pm - Paper Size
Ack ack, sorry about the lateness.

anyways, this is a PSD of the paper size. You'll notice it's 4,773 by 8,033 inches. Basicly, this was done to leave some white space between all of the comics, plus so I can add page numbers at the bottom. You can alwasy seperate this in two for two 4 gag panels, or use the entire page for a full comic.


I'll try to have another format for the Photoshop-less people later. :D

Questions / my hair can be adresses below :D
25th-Sep-2005 04:01 pm - Welcome fellow fans.
This first entry is public but all subsequent entries will be hidden behind to keep the final surprise even better. This is why joining requires for me to filter you first. Natrually, we will be posting images as it progresses to keep public interest, so keep watching the community anyway. :D

What I’ve planned so far:

- The first Tales of Symphonia doujinshi will be comedy themed. More serious ones will come later if the first one is a success.

- All artists will have to make their images in black and white and 300dpi for printing. I will provide a sheet to place your artwork on. I will also give links to download great brushes to help with black/white comic drawings.

- Even if this is a gag book, this does not mean we will not do cheesecake/ beefcake pictures. There will be entire pages dedicated just to pretty pictures of characters in the game. :D :D :D

- Naturally, not everything submitted will be accepted. I promise to be awesome in that regard and I will notify you if we decided not to pick it, so you can then repost it whever you life, planning my doom. :D

Q & A Stuff
What are doujinshis?!
A doujinshi is a fancomic created by fans. This is a practise tolerated in japan because a lot of upcoming artists will do their first artistic stuff in doujinshis. Some companies in the rest of the world also tolerate fanworks, as long as credit is given to the company and no one makes money out of them.

Lucasarts is a MAJOR player in the scene, as they even have contests to celebrate the fandom with cash prices (the winner gets 10,000$!!), websites, etc. This is one of the reasons that Starwars is uberpopular, as George Lucas allows fanworks to be made as long as everyone works free of charge.

I can't draw! ;_;
The doujinshi will not only include comic stories, but written ones as well, illustrated by artists. If you are currently writing a humour story that takes place in the Tales World, or has Tales characters (like say, Colette in Wonderland, etc.) you can contribute and join as well.

How will I upload my stuff?
I will be using part of my own personal website to host the images done for the doujinshi until it is time to print them. Fellow artists will each get their passwords to upload their work.

Can I submit some of my old artwork?
No. All the artwork in the doujinshi will have to be brand new, meaning you will not be allowed to post it anywhere else until it is released. This is to preserve surprise and make fans want to buy it. You will be allowed, however, to release certain parts of it, like one panel or one page of a 4-5 page story.

Why comedy as the first one?
Comedy is fun to do, and since this is something to test the waters, so to speak, I want something that a lot of artists can contribute to. 4 gag panels are easier to do than a 20 page epic story.

But don't worry, if the first one sells well, I hope we will do more.

Can I submit couple stories?
As long as they are humour-themed, YES. You can have any pairing you wish (as long as it not uber uber creepy like say Kratos and Llyod or something like that. XD), as well as yuri and yaoi couples. I am hoping that there will be a good mix of coupling, if this is the case. However, I want people to concentrate on creating funny stuff.

Couple doujinshis will come later, I promise.

How explicit can the images be?
I will tolerate up to 16+ stuff. By this I mean that dirty jokes are accepted (especially if they are funny) but I don't want full all-out hentai scenes between two characters. Unless it's done for humor and not really shown throught clever editing.

So what won't you tolerate?
1) Comedy pieces written to bash a certain characters. It's okay for a certain character to do something stupid (ex. Zelos falls on a banana . The gang laughs at him for not noticing the fruit.) but not pieces you did because you personally hate a certain character (example - Colette falls unto a sword and dies. Everyone just laughs at her saying 'What a stupid idiot')

2) Heavy Sexual scenes, unless they are done for funny purposes. (Good - Zelos finds a copy of PlayMizohou under Regal's bed and the gang comments on it like 'Wow I never knew ninjas could do that!' while Regal has a massive nose bleed etc. Bad - A full sexual scene between Sheena and Zelos)

Why should I join?
This will be a learning experience for all involved, and will probably help fellow artists in criticing, etc. For artists, you know you will get helpful advice, help yourself to improve. For everyone involved, it iwll be a great accomplisment and something we'll be able to talk about until we get really old (okay maybe not but who knows!) I know that the end product will be awesome and that everyone will feel great with what they did.

Will you be making money out of this?
No. This is both a teaching experience for me, out of the goodness of my heart, and something of a personal project I've always wanted to do. The doujinshis will be made FOR the fans, BY the fans.

How will each doujinshi cost?
The books will be sold at the cost it takes to print them, so no one will make a profit, or a tiny bit above cost so that all the artists who participated can get a free book (this is what I am aiming for). The book will have a colour cover and back that will include all artists and a link on how to contact them. I am not sure if I will go with private printing or just print them off my personal printer. It will depend on how much fans want them and shiping costs.

There will also be 2-3 pages dedicated at the end to the artists comments about their work like most doujinshi do. After the initial copies have sold out, we will do a second printing if it provides popular enough. I will also be (hopefully) going to Otakon next year and it would be awesome if other artists who go come and we can talk about the book / sell copies together.

-Feel free to asks questions when you join, and make sure everything is at a friend-only post.

- To join faster, feel free to reply to this thread and include a link to some of your images / work. :D
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